Life in Poetry

Art: Tomi Dufva

We chat to Tomi Dufva, a talented visual artist from Finland who combines pictures and words to help us explore life, one drawing a day. Tomi’s art school education has roots in Finland and Norway. He’s currently doing his doctoral dissertation at Aalto-University, the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, in Finland.

North: What inspires your work? How did you get this idea?

Tomi: I am inspired by everyday happenings as well as trying to comprehend and gain a better understanding of this world we live in. My idea for the drawing a day came from the need to start drawing more regularly. I found that inspiring quotes can be a good starting point for drawings, as well as they might open the quote in a different way.

North: What’s your favourite poet/author and why?

Tomi: My favorite author is Ludwig Wittgenstein, I find his books very poetic and inspiring, even if I do not necessarily agree with his philosophy. During the year, I have also fallen in love with E.E. Cummings poems among many others.

North: What themes do you like to explore in your work?

Tomi: I like to explore both the themes of everyday life and of bigger questions of love, philosophy and being. I am also interested in Zen calligraphy and combining them with western drawing.

To contact or see all of Tomi’s work, head to

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