Because science can be humerus too…

We were going to introduce the lovely Beatrice the Biologist by cracking some wicked science puns, but all the good ones argon…alright, let’s just let her do the talking.

We chatted to Katie McKissick, a former high school biology teacher from Los Angeles, CA who loves to talk, read, and doodle about science (woo hoo!)

“I started a blog and webcomic called Beatrice the Biologist in 2009, where I talk about science with very silly comics.

I’m inspired to explain the science that’s around us all the time that we take for granted. I like thinking about the world from the perspective of, say, a bean sprout, a virus, or a cell in the human body. What would they think about their existence? I’ll take a wild guess and put it in a comic. My brain practically thinks in comic form now when I’m going about my daily life.

Something might be wrong with me.”







Educate yoself on her website or on her tumblr.

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