Corporate Maniac

Words: Natasha, Blogger from Detailed Accounts of Nothing.

Collage: Peter Campbell


Corporate Maniac

Do you like my suit and tie?

My cufflinks are my war medals


The subway smells like urine

Secret underground rail system

Taking me each day from my base to the trenches


My office desk is piled with unfinished documents

sprawled over with the blood of a red ink pen


Beads of sweat form on my forehead

My tie suddenly feels too tight

Should I push the button?

I slowly press “Send”

Another email I cannot recall


The battlefield is noisy

Ever explosive

I hear the distant rumbles of the disapproving boss

Succeeded by the ever sounding rattling of numerous keys on countless keyboards


I excel at Excel.

I’m a wizard at Word

So why, oh why

Is my voice not heard?


Corporate maniac

Every day I fight my own personal war

And live to tell this tale


At least I get

A two week vacation.


Tash is a twenty-something year old aspiring bohemian who calls the world her home. In her spare time, she is also a public servant in Canberra, Australia. She loves travel and writing and finds beauty and enlightenment in small, forgotten things. Check out more of Tash’s thoughtful words at Detailed Accounts of Nothing.

Peter Campbell hails from Wellington, New Zealand. He spends his time producing collages, freelance illustrating and tutoring design and art history at a Wellington design school. See more of his collages here.

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    The greatest of thank you’s to North for finding the perfect visual companion to my poem. Check out this amazing blog which curates unique and interesting perspectives and art from around the globe.


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