Pretty, lonely soul

Marija Tiurina is an absolutely fab London-based illustrator. We got a sneak peak behind the scenes of the crazy work that goes into her amazing pieces…

The Town of Thoughts

Town of Thoughts 2

The Town of Thoughts is my latest work and god knows it took me a while, not only because I’ve been too busy with less interesting stuff lately, but also because it’s an ink pen drawing on A2 size pastel paper…

Town of Thoughts 3

It took me a couple of months and involved a lot of dotting, which is a rewarding technique requiring quite a lot of patience.

Town of Thoughts 1


Girls in tubs

This is an A3 watercolour painting – girls in tubs on tub-like girls…

Tub 1

Tub 3

Tub 6

Tub 8

Tub 5


Nesting doll art

I was given an awesome wooden nesting doll one Christmas. I used every material that wanted to stay on! Acrylics, watercolor, gouache, pencils, pens, markers, etc.

Nesting Doll 5.jpg

All year I’d been hating myself for not being able to do anything with it even though I wanted to.

Nesting Doll 4

Now it’s finished, covered with eyes, hands, mouths and random objects.

Nesting Doll 3

When trying to handle the smallest one, for the first time my hands felt huge and clumsy, and all he’s got now is a sad little eye to look at a big evil world around him.

Nesting Doll 7

I see him as a small and dark, but pretty lonely soul of the whole layered creature.

Nesting Doll 1.jpg


Flick through more of her ace work on her website, instagram and tumblr.

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