We’re so excited to re-feature Ritchelly Oliveira, a portrait and visual artist from Brazil, regarding his new portrait series ‘Lacunas’.

10.jpgLacunas is a portrait series that started from a desire as an artist, to expand on what each individual believes is love.

During my artistic path, I always showed my anguish, my losses, and how it led to the construction of my process as a portraitist.


From an early age, my experiences had the power to influence me in my emotional growth, organically creating what I consider my art.


From that, I felt the need to expand that line to something universal that is love.


This series, under construction, invites every person to have the opportunity to make a statement about their experiences of love: their losses, their gains.

Lacunas (1).jpg

This feeling was, and is, able to touch everyone in a unique way.


Lacunas comes in order to inspire people to share their stories, simply and lightly.


Love transforms.


Share the love on his tumblr.

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