The world can be all too much and still not enough

We’re combining nostalgic words from an American poet and hazy images from a Finnish artist to bring you one of our first co-authored works of the whimsical.

Words: Nicholas Browne | Art: Lumi Tuomi


I have these feelings.

The world can be all too much

and still not enough.


You should love someone.

Before that, love yourself so

you know how it’s done.


What a joy it is.

To exist at all, I mean

What a lovely thought.


Strangers walking by

Some are looking down, some straight,

but none at the sky.


Tell me, when was it?

The last time you stared deeply

into someone’s eyes.


I thought I lost it,

my mind, but it was in my

heart all of this time.



and utterly romantic.

Where am I going?


I’m not one for crowds.

Just show me who you are when

no one is around.



The world in utter chaos

still, your eyes save me.


I’ve been feeling small

In the way that reminds me

I’m part of it all.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Nicholas Browne is a brilliant writer born in Puerto Rico and recent Miami graduate of International Relations and Spanish, with a minor in Creative Writing. He’s also author of the 365 days of Haikus project which you can check out on his tumblr and Instagram.

Lumi Tuomi is an incredibly talented artist from Finland breaking hearts everywhere with her soft, romantic photographs, videos and illustrations. Check out her beautiful work on tumblr and Instagram.


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