A country of contrasts

Hailing all the way from Germany, we catch up with talented designer Karin Zasada, who recently completed her bachelor thesis, a multimedia project focusing on her travels through Thailand. 

Words and photos: Karin Zasada

My bachelor thesis describes and displays the development process, from the germ of an idea, to the production of a picture book and interactive eBook.



In just three weeks, photos, videos and audio recordings captured the essence, wonder and diversity of a foreign culture.


Besides cultural diversity, my thesis includes the challenges faced during the stay abroad.


The work aims to contribute to improving the understanding of the way of life in Thailand.


It includes stories of the lifestyle, culture and beliefs of the Thai people.



The photos were captured in Bangkok’s slum Khlong Toei, Chiang Mai`s secluded hill tribes, the colorful markets, and in the affluent Buddhist temples.





They display the contrasts between rich and poor. Noisy and silent. Hectic and calm.





Despite these contrasts, people from all walks of life were more than happy to lend a hand for any request, whether it was for a photo, or directions to a destination. We were greeted with a smile every time.



Seeing these differences firsthand was quite an opening experience, especially after walking along the train tracks in the slums of Khlong Toei, where children were playing just around the corner from the hustle and bustle of the tourist district.



No tourist would dare to venture through this part of the city.





Outside next to the tracks there were old women cooking traditional Thai dishes in the 35°c temperature.


The houses being really cramped with only dirt beneath their feet, instead of proper flooring.


Throughout the city was a powerful stench that burned the nostrils and made it difficult to breathe. The fog, pollution and humidity only intensified the Bangkok experience.


Karin Zasada is a graduate of a Bachelor of media design and production, focusing on print, film, animation and post production. Originally from near Dresden in East Germany, she spent some time traveling around the world and found her husband Jakob from Brisbane, Australia. With lots of travel experience, the world is her muse.

Check out Karin’s amazing portfolio here.

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