Ordinary places that I go

My name is Aaron Malloy.

I am a mechanical engineering student from Cincinnati, Ohio living near Boston, Massachusetts in the United States.


I am a self taught photographer.

I got into photography as a way to capture my love for nature,

toby sparkler edit.jpg

and really experience the healing that nature can do.


I love to travel and explore new places,


and I take my camera with me everywhere.



I am inspired by other nature/travel photographers on Instagram,

Creek and bookmill.jpg

and my desire to visit the most beautiful places in the world.


In addition to this, I love trying to put an artistic spin on ordinary places that I go or live.


I like to express my creativity through my art,


and that shows in my use of lights, sparklers, smoke bombs, and my editing style.

Photographer In Creek

I love living in the US because of the variety in nature that there is to experience.


Explore Aaron’s world on tumblr and Instagram here and here.

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