Possible Scenarios

Photographer/Writer: Sofia Podestà

I am a self-taught photographer based in Rome, Italy. My life is divided between studies, where I just graduated in Art History and Photography and photography itself. My works are mostly focused on my travels and places I like to visit. I like to recreate a deep connection with landscapes and to discover new points of view inside the daily life.

Possible scenarios is about a silent cry suspended into the emptiness.

Sofia 1

It’s the story of a man who wanders aimlessly until he meets a forest.

Sofia 2

Sofia 3

Once he has entered, however, he is lost: a sense of vertigo, due to the labyrinthine space in which he finds himself, assails him.

Sofia 4

Sofia 5

However, he continues to move forward slowly, finally managing to get out and find his way back.

Sofia 6

This photographic series was born soon after completing my university studies.

Sofia 7

After months of stress and worries, I escaped from Rome, the city where I live, to leave like every year for Cortina, a town in the Dolomites.

Sofia 8

In those days I felt a sense of peace and freedom that I had not felt for a long time, which allowed me to finally concentrate on my photographs.

Sofia 9

Finding myself in these huge spaces, completely covered in snow and fog has stimulated my imagination so much, I have returned to breathe freely.

Sofia 10

I love the dark atmosphere and the low clouds that hide the landscape, because they allow to create in my mind a thousand Possible Scenarios.

Sofia 11

I started taking pictures when I was in high school, but for me photography was a pure medium for recording moments.

Sofia 12

Only later I realized that people began to disappear from my photographs, because what interested me most was the landscape.

Sofia 13

Through it I feel free to express my deepest states of mind and tell stories.

Sofia 14

Sofia 15

Sofia 16

Check out more of Sofia’s incredible work on her Instagram and website.

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