The meaning of light

We catch up with talented UK creative, Adam Marshall and hear his thoughts on light, nature, and technique.

I like to shoot under natural light and handheld almost all the time. The only exceptions are time-lapses, where you kind of need a tripod.


I often find myself driven to shoot around the times of day where the light is very limited. I find it very romantic and intimate.


You really need to pay attention to your scene and understand what it is you’re trying to highlight. It also paints a more honest picture. Too much light will beautify a scene.


Light is the single most important tool a photographer has. If you’re after a particular style of mood in your images, the sort of light you shoot under means more than anything else.


I feel like my time-lapses are somewhat separate to my photography and art. I use different compositions. The moving image is different to the still. I find what works for one, might not always work for the other.


I definitely favour the more surreal and rare atmosphere when I try to capture something though, whether it is a time-lapse or a still image. I do keep my process very natural.


I’m inspired by nature, most of all. The vast, relentless power of it, constantly growing, changing and yet, some scenes remain timeless through it all.


It’s odd, I often shoot locally, but after so many years shooting the same scene, I’m still drawn to explore more of what is possible with it.


Most of all, I try to capture something a little bit different to the normal. Whenever I see a shot, I instantly try to figure out why it caught my eye, and what I can learn from it.

Check out more of Adam’s incredible work on his website, Instagram and Twitter.  You can also view his first short video here.

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