Yeah, serendipity is my friend

Meet R. M. Hagihara, a collage artist who works under the nom de plume ‘madhaiku’. Hagihara is a former journalist and native Californian and we’re so excited to share their work with you!


I originally began by composing haiku on my refrigerator door using magnetic words (thus the name madhaiku).


Eventually, I started cutting out words from newspapers and magazines and fashioning what I called ransom-note haiku.


When I began looking for a new art form to try I thought, “Hey, I already have the scissors and glue stick, why not do collages?”


Since I’m not very good at painting or drawing, it proved to be an ideal medium for me.


I work primarily from fashion magazines — I can get old magazines really cheap at my local library.


On occasion, I’ll start out with an idea, but most of the time I just begin cutting and see what happens.


Yeah, serendipity is my friend.


All my collages are hand cut.


They may not be perfect, but I’ve learned to embrace that handmade look (not an easy thing for a pathological perfectionist).


I’ve been experimenting lately with art journals. I like the challenge of working in a much more confined space.


I draw inspiration from the usual suspects — art, literature, music — especially music. I’m not a trained artist, I just try to create what’s inside my head.



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